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An Xer kinda thing. An' you do hafta admit, we get some pretty good ones....

"I realize I'm supposed witty comment prepared all ready to distract you while I tan your hide six ways till Sunday but I'm still new to this. You won't mind if I skip ahead to the part where I kick your butt?!"
- Paige

"I have a list of people I try to impress, chica, and surprise, surprise, you're nowhere on it.
- Skin

"Answer our questions, and no one gets hurt. Much."
- Chamber

"Aren't you proud? Or didn't you realize while you were learning about Mondo, Mondo was learning about you? How to stop you. How to kill you."
- Mondo

"Yeah, well it's a team-work thing."
- Synch

"But instead you give off sparks from your hands. You must be quite amusing at parties."
- M

"Life is a risk, Lee. It just rarely works out this well."
- Chamber

"We're Generation X. We don't have a kind."
- Jubilee

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